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Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you had a good time here. It is now possible to purchase my works, as digital downloads, directly from this site. Need a picture for school or any other good cause? Just ask, I probably say yes and give it to you for free. There is a small guestbook at the end of this page. You can always make my day and leave a comment or a rating!

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Need a photographer?  I don't do this as a job so I rarely take any assignments. Ask me anyway. Because sometimes I do. 


Photo contests

  • Bovenste Molen, Venlo

    won finalist in Photo contest 'Limburgs Landschap 2017' Published on the cover of quarterly magazine `Limburgs Landschap` Exhibited in Limburgs Museum, Venlo Published in Yearbook Dutch Photo Union accepted for exhibition contest PhotoPhylles (Bordeaux, France)

  • Party's over

    accepted for 12th International Photography Exhibition "Mask" (FIAP); FZS, won Photograhic Association of Slovenija, Bronze Medal

  • Alleen

    Fotobond, Foto Online 2018, brons

  • Cel

    Kloosterdorp Steyl Photo contest 'Good Light', 2018; won FIAP Blue Ribbon

on Viewbug

  • Hofvijver, Den Haag

    Won Contest Cities By The Water Photo (10367 submissions)

  • T-28 Trojan

    T-28 Trojan taxiing out to the runway Won Contest Finalist in Gloves Photo Contest April, 2018 (1331 submissions)

  • Brandenburger Tor

    Won Contest Finalist in Day Or Night Photo Contest (30.323 entries) Won Contest Finalist in Man Made Arches Photo Contest (5.238 entries)

  • Uhu

    Won Contest Finalist in The Food Chain Photo Contest December, 2016 (4.151 submissions)

  • Dawn

    Won Contest Finalist in Canals Photo Contest January, 2018 (3688 submissions)

  • Won Contest Finalist in Composition And Leading Lines Photo ContestJune, 2018 (17.975 submissions); featured on Viewbug May 2018; gathered over 1,000 peer awards

  • Desert Buzzard

    Won People's Choice in Nature's Predators Photo Challenge September, 2017

  • Canals of Amsterdam

    Won Contest Finalist in Winter In The City Photo Contest April, 2017 (3.422 submissions)

  • The Hague, Hofvijver

    Won Contest Finalist in 80 Stays Around the World Photo Contest July, 2017 (26.624 submissions)

  • Frecce Tricolori

    Winner in display teams Photo Challenge September, 2017

  • Staff favorite on Viewbug, August 2018

on National Geographic

  • Eagle

    for this one national geographic contacted me. "Can we use this for one of our 2018 calendars?"...drool...YES

  • Siskin

    editors' pick on National Geographic Yourshot


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